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FMM is Keith Mills’ signature training system and online community that has helped
thousands of music producers transition from finishing little or no music to regularly releasing their tracks.

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Mark  had a flourishing DJ career but was putting too much pressure on himself in the studio and was struggling to finish his tracks. A new workflow has put him in a position where he now has releases scheduled 8 months ahead on labels like Suara, Viva and Hot Creations

Paul felt frustrated that he had wasted so many years without chasing his dream of becoming a DJ/ Producer. By following a number of simple disciplines and surrounding himself with other inspiring producers he managed to achieve 21 releases in year 1.

James caught the production bug in Ibiza and committed to making music his life. But self doubt and fear caused him to procrastinate and dread writing music. In this video he shares how a mentor and a strong new mindset, led him to consistently releasing tracks and closing in on his dreams.

Mha Iri was at the start of her music production journey and hasn’t yet finish any music. But  with dedication, professionalism, commitment and the right system and people to guide her, she’s now headlining venues and topping the charts in just 2 years.

Sarah is an experienced producer and songwriter who was frustrated that she couldn’t translate the ideas in her head into finished music. In this video she shares how she moved from finishing one track per year to finishing tracks every month and seeing leaps in their quality.

Anja is a dedicated singer songwriter who would cringe when  her friends would ask her how her music is going and she had nothing to show them. In this video, she shares how she conquered her perfectionism and is now releasing music, and building her own online fan base.

Paul had a number of releases but wanted to change into a new genre. With a young family and a full time job , he struggled to find time and felt his goals slipping away. In just one year he managed to turn it around and  is now releasing on the biggest labels in his genre.

Las Von had a passion for writing music but was frustrated that he couldn’t get past the loop stage. With a fresh approach and the support of like minded producers he went from finishing no music to writing 55 tracks and releasing 15 of them in less than a year.

Rob spent years wasting time in his studio. His new year’s resolution was to always to finish music and get a release but his motivation soon turned to frustration when he struggled to move forward. In this video Rob shares how he broke the cycle and release 12 tracks in one year!

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Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when we open the doors:

We will collect, use and protect your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.