I have been fortunate enough to spend most of my life in and around the electronic music scene. As an accomplished sound engineer, I have had the unique pleasure of working on everything from acoustic recordings to dance floor ready monsters.

However, the area I’ve always been most fascinated with is the difficult task of taking our enthusiasm and ideas and turning them into a finished product.

Have you ever started making a track only to have the creative process killed by technical perfection? Learning the tools and techniques is essential but let me ask you, do you think it’s more important to know how to use a compressor or how to structure an arrangement? Would you rather know how to layer snares or write captivating music?

It’s so often the quest for technical perfection that stands in the way of making great music!

Since founding Quantize Courses in 2009, I have worked closely with over 3,000 producers and musicians who are passionate about taking their music to the next level.

This experience, coupled with fanatical research and a deep exploration of my own creative challenges, has helped me to understand and demystify the areas we most need to focus on to get results.

With the Finish More Music System, I will teach you exactly how to overcome those nightmare creative hurdles and how to find the perfect balance between creativity and technicality so that you can finish more music you’ll be proud to share with the world.

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Time for your Music

Do successful music producers have more time than you? Could you and should you be doing more?

We all have the power to design our lives and achieve whatever we choose.

We also have the power to throw it all away…

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Testimonials from FMM Members