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The FMM Membership


The Finish More Music Membership is Keith Mills’ signature training system and online community that has helped thousands of music producers transition from finishing little or no music to regularly releasing their tracks.


Who is behind FMM

A mentor, music producer, ghost writer, product specialist and founder of Quantize Courses, a market-leading music school.

I’ve spent the last 10 years helping music producers who are unhappy with their results turn into high performers.

My ethos is on working smarter, not harder, in order to take the biggest steps towards your music goals.

The Finish More Music system takes my experience of working with thousands of music producers and distills it down into the essential strategies and workflows that make all the difference to a music producer’s success. I pride myself on making things simple and clear and Finish More Music is about driving you forward with a clear, step by step path that leverages your existing knowledge and skills and gets you realising your potential to finish better and better tracks.


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Recent Posts from the blog

FMM076 – What happens when you get left behind?

Do you want to use other people’s success to help you grow and to accelerate your development toward your version of success? In any creative field, one thing that everybody deals with at some point or another is seeing other people succeed while you stay where you are. Maybe you started making music at the…

FMM075 – Don’t Wait for Motivation… Create It

You are the architect of your own motivation. When it comes to getting down to writing music, I see a lot of people making the same mistakes.  And one of the biggest of them all is waiting around for motivation to come to you. “I’ll get started tomorrow”, “I’m not feeling it today”. We’re all…

FMM074 – Failing to Succeed

Failure is essential if you want to progress, but you’re only going to progress if you learn from it. When we try new things, we imagine new ideas. And when we imagine new ideas, we try to make them a reality. And whenever we do that, failure is inevitable. If we’re going to succeed at…

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