In the Studio with the Pros...

“made my life so much easier”
-Nick Muir (Bedrock Records)

“When I do want to do my own things for synths…I go to my trusty Diva”
– Nathan Micay (LUCKYME)

“this is a sick sick thing…you can create amazing things with this one…use portal on anything!”
Habischman (Global Underground)

“Give it grit”
– Dubfire (SCI+TEC)

– Dubfire (SCI+TEC)

it just has so many advantages… it’s great!
– Demuir (Purveyor Underground)

“We are huge Eventide fans”
-Dave Gardner & Barry Jamieson (Sasha’s Production Team)

“really really feeling Phase Plant”
Jody Wisternoff (Anjunadeep)

Keith's Top Picks

“Without question, the Fabfilter range are my go-to mixing tools.”
– Keith Mills (Finish More Music)

“Huge fan of Soundtoys effects plug-ins Echoboy is not to be missed”
– Keith Mills (Finish More Music)

​​I love using this as my main arp and midi-sequencer
– Keith Mills (Finish More Music)

Go-To Sample Packs